Covid-19 has created a massive spike in unemployment in Tennessee.

nashforward» is a community project to help those who have lost employment due to Covid-19.

Our Goal: Help people put their best foot forward in their next endeavor.


"NashForward's mentor really helped me see my own worth and to have more confidence in myself and my skills."
- a recent participant.

How does it work?

At a minimum, it's a 2 hour commitment:

Hour 1: Resume & Cover Letter Review
Hour 2: Practice Interview

  1. Participants will be paired once signed up.
  2. Volunteers will be first to reach out, and introduce themselves.
  3. If Participants choose to proceed, they share their resume for review.
  4. Volunteer reviews, provides feedback.
  5. Volunteer and Participate schedule a good time for a practice interview.
  6. Hold a virtual practice interview (phone, Skype, Webex, Hangouts, etc.)
  7. Volunteers again candid, constructive, and caring feedback.
  8. After this, it's up to Volunteers and Participants on next steps!

Finally: All participants and volunteers will be added to our Slack channel for further resources, and support.

Who is it for?

Anyone and everyone in the Greater Nashville area impacted by Covid-19.

We will do our best to match participants with volunteers that make the most sense.


and many more...


Join our slack channel to discuss opportunities, resources, and get continued feedback and encouragement.
Jobs4TN.govTennessee's Department of Labor & Workforce Development's job program.
GNTC - Tech Job SeekersThe Greater Nashville Technology Council is helping tech job seekers connect with employers.
nashforward» Personality SpectrumA simple resource to help improve how you communicate with others.

Questions, Comments, Feedback?

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All communication happens directly between Volunteers and Participants. Participants control how much they want to share and are free to stop at any time.

nashforward» only makes the connection between Volunteers and Participants. While we will do our best to validate the integrity of all volunteers and participants and operate on good faith, everyone should practice their best judgement about what information they share, and communicate.